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Page of Ghosts

Originally Posted by page of ghosts View Post
I think I must have been bitten too, because there are 3 decks and some books making their way to me. Found out I had some extra money this month so I treated myself to some new stationery and of course a few decks:

- Centennial RWS: I've been thinking about getting this for a long time and now it's finally happining! Think it might come tomorrow and I'm very excited for it. I know the RWS ok, but this edition will be fun to work with! No more red faces (I own the Original pack)

- Jolanda Tarot: The newer printing of the Swedish Witch Tarot. It's looking a lot like a story book and for some reason it reminds me of what I've seen of Tarot of the Moon Garden (it may actually not be very similar, heh). It seems very interesting! The book, in Swedish, is also ordered but will come later.

- The Thoth: ... what have I gotten myself into? I read that some cards in the Jolanda seemed Thoth-inspired and I have a few decks that do seem to have some Thoth in them and I wish to understand it more. This deck has been on my mind for some time, before I ordered the Jolanda, but that seemed to have been the final push! I've always thought of the Thoth as "the big guy", heavy with symbolism and mystical knowledge I can only hope to grasp some of, and built like a brick. Now the big guy is on its way
It is contagious! lol You are spreading it again to me as I haven't looked at the Jolanda Tarot before. It is now on my wishlist! lol

I'm so excited for you love! {{HUGS}} Please make sure to come back to the thread to let us know what you think of your new decks and books. When I first joined, I was so intimidated by the Thoth and not sure if I even wanted to learn it. I guess my 'baby step" into it will be with the Sun and Moon Tarot when people share their experiences with that deck. I will need baby steps lol

I haven't seen the Jolanda Tarot before, but I had heard of the Swedish Witch. I am finding myself drawn to a lot of different types of decks lately. Ones that I may not have been open to before, but find myself mysterious drawn to now. Are you feeling that way? Or have you always been drawn to the Thoth? Congratulations on your new decks and books!!

Thanks for sharing! I will be looking forward to hearing about your decks and what you think about them. I hope the cardstock is great on them as some of my new decks from LoS have been really thin. I like a thicker/sturdier cardstock for lots of shuffling.


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