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Originally Posted by BeyondtheVeil View Post
It is contagious! lol You are spreading it again to me as I haven't looked at the Jolanda Tarot before. It is now on my wishlist! lol

I'm so excited for you love! {{HUGS}} Please make sure to come back to the thread to let us know what you think of your new decks and books. When I first joined, I was so intimidated by the Thoth and not sure if I even wanted to learn it. I guess my 'baby step" into it will be with the Sun and Moon Tarot when people share their experiences with that deck. I will need baby steps lol

I haven't seen the Jolanda Tarot before, but I had heard of the Swedish Witch. I am finding myself drawn to a lot of different types of decks lately. Ones that I may not have been open to before, but find myself mysterious drawn to now. Are you feeling that way? Or have you always been drawn to the Thoth? Congratulations on your new decks and books!!

Thanks for sharing! I will be looking forward to hearing about your decks and what you think about them. I hope the cardstock is great on them as some of my new decks from LoS have been really thin. I like a thicker/sturdier cardstock for lots of shuffling.


I'm feeling interested in some different decks than when I started out, yes. I'm kinda into the cutesy decks like Tarot of the Magical Forest and Dreaming Way, but recently I'm more into medieval and historical decks in general. I've never been one for the very soft decks where the "difficult" cards are so softened down that there is no challenge left in them - I would be surprised if I ever wanted something like that (but I feel it's best to never say never) !

Oh I definetely feel a little intimidated by the Thoth, but I got a book to go with it that I've heard is decent for newbies. It's a deck that's kind of hovered in the back of my mind and I thought I should get to it eventually since there are some decks I have that has some inspiration from it (Sun & Moon, now the Jolanda has a little of it too), but that eventually seems to be happening a little sooner than I expected. I think I'll study it and maybe compare some cards between decks to see what I make of it, but I'm sure I'll feel compelled to try out a reading even if I'm not super knowledgable with astrology and all that.

The Centennial came today and she is beautiful! I knew the lines would be thinner and I'd be able to make out some cards a lot better than in the RWS I already have, but it's much better than I imagined. I just compared my card of the day, Strength, from the Original vs. this one and the womans hand is miscoloured as the same as the lion, as well as the floral thing is not coloured in so you can see it wraps around the lion. And the Fool has a little bird on his bag.. so many exciting details!

Jolanda showed up as well and yeah, Carojulie adviced me to get the book if I can read it so it's good that I've ordered it. There is a lot going on here that makes me wanna read what the Swedish witch herself thought when she designed the deck with Hans Arnold. There is some ancient Egyptian imagery going on, like sphinxes and camels, as well as some cards that remind me of Astrid Lindgren stories (Swedish childrens book writer) and home with birch trees. I'm very fond of the moose in the Sun card - I don't know about other parts of the world but here the moose is known as the king of the forest as well as "moose in sunset"-paintings being very iconic and kitschy. The deck is oop, I think, not very cheap on amazon at least, but I found a shop in Oslo who has an online store and sold it for a decent price. Not the thickest cardstock, but it's not a dealbreaker for me. Some of my LS decks are not that thick but I haven't compared to see which is thinnest.
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