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You - Saturn

G - Moon

Moon is posited in your house (1st) and also in your sign, so just going by this alone shows that G does like you more than he is letting on.

Your posited in your 12th house of self-undoing, and your ruler is jupiter which is the marriage.

We have mars posited in the 7th (G's 1st house), and this mars is aspecting to a square with jupiter (your ruler) this is frustration, anger, wanting to do something but there's difficulties and setback in achieving this because of this jupiter influence....this is all coming.
Mars also applies to a trine with neptune so there will be a lot of confusion and doubts and just not being sure about things coming from this too.

Pluto being posited in the 1st house with the moon your co significator... but also G's significator. This tells me that things are quite intense for you and him at present, there's complications and emotional turmoil and a sense of wondering what all this is about with G.

There's an opposition coming up between saturn (yourself) and the other part of G (sun), this is going to be a situation of needing to prove something to him, like being pulled in two directions at once, being told to make a decision.....could be all these things.

Mercury is on the 5th cusp in the same house as the sun, 5th house being about socializing so this would all be the case, when you see him whilst you're out socializing.

So yes he does like you more than he's letting on, but you know that this is your choice at the end of the day in what happens next. Its your life story your writing here, how would you like your story to carry on from here ? Has the chapter between you and G not finished yet, or are you going to close this chapter.
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