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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
Robert Wang's Qabalistic Tarot

(But if your choice is only between the two you mention, Snuffin is probably easier going since Regardie I've found to be dense at times).
Wang's book is great, BUT as you are seeking to understand Qabalah in relation to Thoth be aware that he does not agree with Crowley's Emperor/Star path switch and while he mentions it he glosses it over and insists on using the old attributions all over the place, which will get either confusing or annoying if you are specifically interested in Thoth. Which makes it not the best Thoth specific resource, though otherwise a very good book in general.

i agree with Barleywine about the other two books. Regardie's book is more specific to the Tree of Life but his writing is not very engaging. Snuffin's book is easier to read but while it does mention the Tree of Life influences it is more focused on specific symbols in the deck.

One way to approach this is to just learn the Tree of Life stuff first and then apply what you have learned to the Thoth. You mentioned you have Duquette's book so I am guessing you mean his "Understanding the Thoth" book. You could also get his "Chicken Qabalah" which is a great beginning resource (and funny to boot) and then get Dion Fortune's Mystical Qabalah.
Then after that and you have the basics down and want a Thoth specific book get Phyllis Seckler's two books. The hardcovers are pricey and maybe OOP but I heard paperback versions are just released or soon-to-be.
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