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First impressions of the symbolon deck....

Well, it certainly has made one!

First of all, let me just say how glad I am that there's going to be a study group for this deck. I've never worked with others in exploring any deck before, but I think it'll be a fun & enjoyable experience, as well as offering a wealth of added insight into the deck's uses and interpretation.

The fact that this deck is neither a tarot or an oracle initially worried me a little that it might be too limited in it's uses ..but in fact it's turned out to be quite the opposite! I haven't even considered the past life aspects of the deck's use yet, (one life being enough for me to deal with at the moment!) ..but Wow! There are just so many possibilities to be explored with this deck, that I don't quite know where to start and can't stay focused for long in any one direction before being enticed along some other line of thought. All in all, making for quite a heady experience, and a stronger than usual call for caution to ensure I keep myself well grounded. I'm not sure if my reaction is typical for this deck, (..although a certain review I read would suggest that it might be) ..or if this to me is just "the one" so to speak, ..cos it feels like the Holy Grail of decks! But one way or another, Inspiration abounds!

I really like both the absence of any title on the cards themselves, (along with their lack of direct association with tarot) ...and the inclusion of the astrological glyphs. I find that my intuition is enhanced by the absence of the one, while inspired by the insights offered through the presence of the other. The tying together of astrology along with card illustrations which are beautiful and evocative in their own right, makes for a very powerful deck indeed! (imo).

To sum up ...I LOVE this deck!!!

Ps. Steve, you've done an excellent job on the overview here, and I think I'll find the structure you've given to the study to be an invaluable guideline in helping me focus a little better ...hopefully preventing me form drifting off course entirely ..typical Gemini!.
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