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Originally Posted by Carojulie View Post
But, if you wish to make your deck last a little longer, I would suggest putting some talcum (baby powder) on the cards. It might whiten the cards a tad, but just for a short time ; and it will reduce the amount of scraping between the cards, so it can probably slow down the image chipping problem.
I cannot think of anything to do to make the weared images whole again, but at least you can try to limit future damage.
Following your suggestion... there are 3 decks I've bathed in talcum powder: the Old English. It shuffled well, and now it shuffles even better.
The Ceccoli in order to keep its glossiness. I'd really really hate to see white marks on them.
And lastly, my battered old Tarock cards. In their former life, these cards have been treated badly, I can feel it. They almost feel leathery, and they are very flexible which is likely to stem from bridging. Now thanks to the talcum, they shuffle smoothly. Unlike the other two decks, which are fairly new and nicely smelling anyway, the old cards have adopted the sweet talcum smell. It also feels like the talcum prolongues their life.
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