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Originally Posted by pacificwaters View Post
Thank you for the update foolMoon. Downloaded the pdf of Qabbalistic Tarot

And even ordered Snuffin's Thoth companion.

I also agree about your take on learning Qabbalah from scratch. It does make sense learning from the roots rather than jumping just in between. And for me a good guidebook is necessary coz I follow Hinduism which is miles away from Qabbalah
Great stuff

So far from what I read, I notice that Qabbalah is Judaic and Christian origin, and Tree of Life has been "received" from the God "Elohim" for mapping out minds and the God, so it is originated from the Old Testament, the Pentatoich books. It is further commented in later books like Sefer Yetzirah and Bahir and Zohar. Although it is very Judaic and Christian origin, I think it it also relates to Buddihsm and Hinduism too. How - I am not sure now, and to find out about it.

So if one is not religious, and atheist, then using Tree of Life and Tarot deck in conjunction would be meaningless.

I think Crowley is more connecting Thoth Tarot to the Egyptian and Greek Myths, Hinduism, Yoga and Buddihsm rather than Christianity in his Book of Thoth and all of his other writings too, hence the reason one has to establish own connecting system between Tree of Life and Thoth Deck, by studying Qabbalah and Tree of Life from other various sources, if one believes they are truly the system for them. I was more into connecting Tarot with Astrology, but now am trying to learn Qabbalah for the process.

Snuffin's book is excellent in that it concentrates on Thoth deck symbolsim whilst giving astrological and cabalistic connection information, but also provides mundane meanings of each card even with reverse card meanings - very versatile, practical, clearly written book without narcissistic ramblings.
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