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Originally Posted by AlNablus View Post
Yes, there are several fixed combinations but, I don't rely on them so I haven't really spent much time on them. Memorizing all the combinations readers are using would take years.

If the same two or three-cards combination would came up in several readings for a couple of years, always pointing out to the same outcome, then I would start using it. In fact there are a few combinations I use, but those are flexible in the sense that they point to general dynamics and processes one needs to read in context.

If you want to use combinations, the cards need not necessarily be next to each other. It is sufficient that they appear in the same spread.
Thank you for the response. I'm glad if I don't have to learn any fixed combinations. I've learned the Lenormand combinations, and I never found them really useful.
I also bought a set of spanish cards, and I'm ready to learn your method if you'd like to teach us.

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