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I use Chris Brennan's Astrology Podcast which covers a fairly wide range of topics, including Mundane matters. You will find it at:

If you intend to listen on a mobile device, you's find it can be reached through the Audials One app, which I think is available for both IOS and Android. There's quite a few Astrology podcasts on Audials One, so you can always try them out.

Another useful starting point is TuneIn Radio, though it doesn't seem to carry as many as Audials.

There are quite a few podcasts out there, so you could always try searches for others. The one thing I would stress is that you go for one that is run by someone with standing in the Astrological Community and that recognise that most podcasts will cover a wide variety of topics in Astrology. So dip in and look for some others as well. One other thing to remember is that you will find some that are based on Vedic or Indian Astrology. That cousin of Western Astrology will require you to do some additional reading but it's well worth the effort.
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