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Originally Posted by Morwenna View Post
And it never stops... Last time I went into my local New Age shop (there used to be more but no longer), I deliberately ignored the decks and went looking for other things; but I still got captured by an oracle! But now I've been cruising the Trading forum and have a deck on the way from a member there!
I know, right? LOL Well I hope that you enjoy your oracle and deck that you got from a member here! What decks did you get?

My Sun and Moon Tarot Deck arrived and I am so happy that I bought it. lol I feel like the Tarot Bug is slowing down, but would you believe I ALMOST bought an oracle deck on the Trading Boards. I took some deep breaths.... took a couple more and exited out of AT. lol It my 'step program' to recovery! Though sometimes... it is so hard. lol

Enjoy your decks love! Thanks for sharing, Morwenna!!

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