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Originally Posted by Tanga View Post
I have little Altars around the house. . Two are "working" ones - where I change stuff on them and leave spells (prayers) to mature.
Windowsills are good.
And I have a Tarot Altar tacked to my bedroom wall (cut out plastic pockets that I can slip cards into) - opposite the Kung Fu (3rd form) poster.
My tiny back yard has 4 quarter Altars in it. The South Quarter is the "working" one.

If I plan an indoor ritual - I may put together a specific Altar for it (I have a collection of
props), locking myself in the office space, and "drawing" the circle on the floor.

Out in the coppice (behind my tiny back yard) I have a little corner set up where I go and
sit at full moon and do ritual or contemplate the night. I sometimes bring and set up an Altar - sometimes not. .

(I'm currently not in a ritual group - outdoor groups meet in the woods and do the same space clear and Altar set up stuff - take it all away when done. Indoor groups will have quarter Altars in the appropriate corners of the room that is their current "Temple/Sacred Space".).
I git little altar here and there ... the water one has been amusing; some shells and a brass Hindu mermaid statue, with solid silver octopus guardian - on the window sill behind the kitchen sink tap.

Things progressed over time ... now, as I wrote, I am sitting near the new 'water altar' same arrangement but instead if the sill it sits on a new fish tank with native rainbow fish , mini-catfish and various aquatic plants, holy rocks and weed covered wood . At night it has back lighting .

As winter is arising the 'fire altar' is burning each night.

In the day I open up all the air altars

and the earth altar just stays where it is .... a bit tilted since the cabin's foundations have subsided a bit .

The altar to see what is happening in the evil mundane world is to the east (tv)

and the corner altar covered in my Tibetan ritual objects is dust and web covered in the corner.
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