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Originally Posted by ravenest View Post
I git little altar here and there ... the water one has been amusing; some shells and a brass Hindu mermaid statue, with solid silver octopus guardian - on the window sill behind the kitchen sink tap.
Ha - "solid silver octopus guardian"... I LIKE the sound of that.

@theFeeLion - some more shots of "Altars" to give you ideas perhaps...

Fire... could be an ornate red handled pair of scissors... a decorative red ribbon... a red/orange tassle or pompon you've made yourself, a beautiful Tarot card (you could colour copy your favourite) in shades of orange/red...a piece of red silk... a plaited red chord with beads in it... a red pouch with some sweet smelling herbs in (Fire/Sun herbs in it if you like - chamomile, angelica, coriander, sessame seeds... check out a correspnondence book such as Cunningham's... or online). A cute little red soft toy...
What else says "Fire" to you?

The following photo's are:
1) Left side of windowsill of my guest/client bathroom (the Right side has The Lord )
2) Buddha on the wall coming up the stairs from the hall
3) Earth and Water Angels hanging in my Therapy room
4) My Tarot Altar on the wall - too busy for a Therapy room - but it gives you ideas of
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