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Ok this does not look fun. However, I am still going to file the papers because as you've seen in the chart, things are very bad and I feel I've exhausted all alternatives, and NOT filing them could be even worse.

I!ll pm you soon with the exact time my document are submitted, for an event chart.

I am worried how the children are going to fare, they do not even want to be with him but they are worried about hurting his feelings, they do clearly still love him, although they certainly feel deep strong resentment. Mostly they're worried about repercussions from him about telling me things he's done

It's possible and likely that they won't continue to see him as before, as I've asked for a greater share of care, however the advice I've had is that the court will initially take a conservative approach, so they probably won't be entirely removed from his care.

I'll be in touch soon with the time
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