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Originally Posted by Trogon View Post
Oooo! Which one? The one by Ally Fell or the one by Matthews? I decided I loved them both and got them both. I haven't had a chance to read with the one by Matthews yet. Hmmmm, maybe for next weeks DotW ...

I'm still suffering from multiple bites of this bug. I stopped at our used-book store and bought 2 copies of the Sedona Vortex Tarot! I had noticed they had about 5 copies earlier this week ... they were down to 3 (one was open and a little beat up) - so I bought the two pristine decks.

Hopefully my buying spree is over for a little while ...
I've set my sights on the Matthews Steampunk. But uh oh, I just looked at Fell's Steampunk and I also like it. Wow.

But just so I won't seem too rapacious, if ever I'd buy it it would only be after I find the Matthews wanting. I hope I'd be able to stick to that resolve at least. We're gonna make it, Trogon.

But the Fell Steampunk really is quite something, isn't it?
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