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Originally Posted by Sharla View Post
The most concerning part for me in the chart is the children being in the 8th house.... and actually im sorry its not an opposition between father and them, its only a quincunx.

This would mean that a need for change is in order, its not a good aspect and also not a bad one its sort of in between. So its like that he cant have his cake (i.e see the children) and eat it too (not help pay for their school etc), things need to be changed. So basically if he wants to carry on having his children regularly then he has to change the way he is being.

So i suppose then its how he reacts from this.

So i think you are doing the right thing for some changes to happen, and the children maybe angry with you at first (with the square coming up between you and kids) depending on whats going to happen with this and how your ex will react to it.
Yeah, there are 8th house kind of things they have been exposed to at his house, and the details have certainly gone into the papers I submitted. He will be investigated by a child protection agency.

I can imagine that any change to the children's routine (apart from less nights with their father) they will resent, especially if they have to be interviewed by a case worker or anything like that. We'll have to deal with any issues as they come up
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