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Originally Posted by reall View Post
Just to say I don't mind borders as long it wont take to much spotlight! also noticed coffin outline design trend recently! lol
N to say I don't remember seing your desogn but instead of sharp/prominent border you can try experiment with darker overlay with lighter central coffin space? i.e to make paper look watermarked/aged in that shape? just idea!^^
NO WAY SERIOUSLY?????? MAN, I googled all over just wanting to be sure I wasn't copying an idea!!!! Who?????????

And, ya I was thinking maybe not so much with the halloween stuff on the images....BUT, I want to do like with the Tarot deck & put a different Treat card in each of the decks.

Which....just so you know....that really is an awkward extra bit of work on my end for every order, but I want to do it!
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