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Originally Posted by magicjack View Post
It bit me really bad about 3 months ago. I bought 13 decks and one of them I bought in two different sizes. I thought maybe I would end up getting one I didn't like and that would save me. But surprisingly, I'm liking all of them. I don't want no cure. I'm enjoying the illness.
That is what happened to me also! LOL I was sure that while I was drawn to all the decks that I bought.. I thought.. what are the odds that I'm actually going to like all of them. I honestly do!

What decks did you buy?

I bought several a couple of years ago and while I used them every now and then.. I really didn't like them. They aren't bad decks.. I just feel like we don't connect. These new decks are really inspiring and I just love them. I am enjoying my "illness" as well. Well.. as long as I love and will use the decks. lol

I'm thinking of getting another deck of the Everyday Witch Tarot and Sun and Moon Tarot as I really like both of those. The 78 Tarot Nautical is gorgeous and it gives great readings! I was blessed with a second deck, so I have as a back up. I felt like I won the lottery that day. The owner is such an amazing and sweet person!

Brightest Blessings!
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