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Yes, Moldavite can help with the 3rd eye....but it is a very STRONG crystal! If you purchase this, you may want to also invest in another crystal that will help with the energy from moldavite.

When I first bought my moldavite, I did so mostly because I thought it was so beautiful! I bought one that was wrapped in silver and could be worn on a chain. just GORGEOUS! and esp. as "green" is my fave color. Anyway, I began wearing it and it gave me SEVERE SEVERE MIGRAINE HEADACHES! (along with dizziness, and nausea--awful!)

Thankfully, I mentioned this to my friend who owns the store where I purchased this and she recommended I purchase Pietersite - to wear WITH it and also limit my time with the moldavite, and build myself up to it.

check this site out for how moldavite helps (and other crystals too) for the 3rd eye-

but do consider other crystals that will work WITH the moldavite and build yourself up to it. see this about moldavite and other crystals that will help you with it.


now, I used pietersite, which is also a beautiful crystal and good paired with moldavite. see here: http://www.healing-crystals-for-you....ite-part2.html

plus, there are other great sites re: the pairing of these two. the pieteriste is also a great crystal to develop your psychic abilities. which is why it works so well with moldavite.
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