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Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
Hyperbole aside (and I have strong suspicions Crowley wrote or at least edited that text himself), I've always seen the BoT as an exercise in syncretism to partially satisfy the stated goal. It would have had to encompass a multi-volume encyclopedic set in order to be as detailed as we might have wished.
Liber 777 is another expression of that syncretism. In a way it is the raw data behind the Thoth Tarot arranged in tabular form. Of course this is, in a certain sense, rather dry and lifeless. The Thoth deck distils it and brings it to life in a way that is immediately accessible.

The revised version of 777 was Crowley's attempt at "fleshing out" the data. Dion Fortune and John Bonner use the same 'data set', and their books form a sort of commentary on the most important parts of Liber 777.

(It's almost beyond doubt that Crowley wrote the biographical note. His relationship with Soror I.W.E. (Martha Küntzel ) was rather frosty at that time due to the war.)
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