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Seven Stars - Vintage German Lenormand, Kaleidoscope edition, anyone?

I confess, I have been fascinated by Seven Star's Kaleidoscope Lenormand (all he work is original and fascinating, this one is such a crazy wonderful idea that I can't take my eyes off it!).

I didn't find a discussion of this deck (if there is one that I overlooked, I'm sorry!). I don't have it but it's a deck that I'm really curious about. Usually we all say: our most important criterion for a Lenormand is its readability. See a card - and see Ship, Bouqet or Ring. With the Kaleidoscope, you have to look more closely (although I'm sure, once you know the cards, you read them as easily - she designed the cards quite differently from each other with different colour schemes and kaleidoscope patterns).

I have always loved kaleidosocopes and wonder where my old collection may be today? In short, if anyone can tell me of his/her experiences with this deck, I'd be more than happy!
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