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Originally Posted by Beancrew49 View Post
Just to add, the Moldavite-Herkimer Diamond combination is pretty crazy and has the potential to blast your third eye wide open.
I didn't know this (or didn't remember) until I began searching for some moldavite and pietersite links to give here. Hub & I went Herkimer diamond hunting last October in Herkimer, NY and we got some nice specimens. Now, I know exactly WHAT to do with them, rather then just having them on display our tables.

actually, I did know a bit about Herkimer and its lovely properties--but never knew it would work so well w/moldavite. I think I might have a pendant made with some of the herkimer diamonds and now I also can't wait to go back there again for more!

It wasn't easy mining, but oh, so much fun!
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