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Originally Posted by magicjack View Post
I think I figured out the first bug bite was when you started out, you were searching for the perfect deck you knew you were going to connect with. What I have found out, for me any way, is to get a deck you don't think you'll like. In a strange way it's working out for methat way. The Everyday Witch was one of the decks I bought and although I new I would probably like it, it looked so young girlie high school deck. I'm a ,62 yr old man! It's a great deck so easy to read. Everytime I use it I feel I have to apologize for using it. LOL.

I was never a big fan of dark decks. Just knew I wouldn't like something like that. I got the Night Sun Tarot, I can't believe I like it. The ghost tarot. I'm just now started working with it. And of all things the Ludy Lescot deck? I love that deck. I can't wait to take a sharpie to the edges. By the way, The Steampunk by Barbara Moore I had that for 3 years and it just clicked one day and I love it.

The Mystical Tarot. The AfterTarot, Tabula Mundi I love, Navigator s of the Mystic Sea, haven't looked at that too much yet. Tarot of the Holy Light. I just think it's beautiful but I really had to force myself to use it and like it. Now I do.. LoL. And the Marseille Cat Tarot. Everyday Witch. So I'm just having a good ole time! 😉

You made my day, magicjack! I think that is awesome that you like that deck! I am female and felt the same way at first about the Everyday Witch Tarot. I also thought I might not click with it. It came and I don't know.. I just love it! lol It is definitely my favorite go to deck. The only card that I wish was different is the Page of Cups in that deck. It just doesn't feel or look right to me. Otherwise, I do like the other 77 cards. lol

It sounds like you have a lot of great decks to look through and try out. I usually get the exact same type of decks, but this time I wanted some different ones like you. Not really dark, but different type of art, etc. I have not been disappointed.

The 78 Tarot Nautical {Tarot of Water} is one of those decks that I wouldn't have normally purchased. It has 78 cards by 78 different artists. I wasn't sure that I could read with a deck like that. Kayti did an awesome job of getting a common theme going and I guess each artist wrote up a summary of what their card means. So this was my first Collaborative Deck, but definitely not my last one. I'm glad I took the plunge to get that gorgeous deck. Love the readings it gives. It is now my personal reading deck. {I'm greedy with it} LOL

Thank you so much for responding and sharing your Tarot Bug purchases! I love when people share and chat. {Yes...I'm like this in real life} LOL

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