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Originally Posted by EmpyreanKnight View Post
You've used both, Beancrew? What was your experience? I've heard so much about Herkimer Diamonds, and your post is very intriguing.
Herkimer Diamonds have the strongest energy of any quartz crystal. They amplify the energies of the crystals around them and they can boost or reveal psychic abilities when used near the third eye chakra. When you combine it with Moldavite, an extremely powerful tektite that is also known to boost the energy of crystals around it and facilitate movement into the higher dimensions, you get a pretty unique and powerful energy. As far as crystal energy goes, this combination is probably the strongest I've ever felt (unless you throw a Rhodizite into the mix) though I haven't worked too much with Phenakite. It can be a bit much sometimes, but if you're trying to explore the third eye, they will aid you greatly.
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