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Crystals for a client's child

Hi lovely people

A massage client of mine has a very tactile 11 year old boy who is in need of of few things that I thought some crystals may help with.

Here are the issues he need help with:

Grounding - he tends to have his head in the clouds and currently has an air imbalance that needs working on
Communication - he currently has no filter and uses anger by way of communication a lot
Loss of his Father - unfortunately his Father past away within the last couple of years and he is having difficulty moving past this

I have already suggested sodalite for communication. Black stones, smokey quartz, and bloodstone for grounding. However, I'm not sure if any of those a suitable for children or what to suggest for anger and loss. I have also mentioned about letting him choose as he will be naturally drawn to something he needs. Any suggestions I can pass on would be amazing. Then his Mother will be able to take him to have a look at the selection available in the local store.

Thanks heaps!

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