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Originally Posted by theFeeLion View Post
Hi Mahafrins

I would be keen to sit if you'll have me

My details are:
July 9th 1984
North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand

My question would be regarding timing for marriage and children, when do both seem likely?

[emoji813] Fee
Planets Symbols Positions Rasi
Sun [3rd House] Sun 83 1' 0" Mithuna
Moon [7th House] Moon 209 7' 31" Tula
Mercury [4th House] Mercury 99 49' 6" Karka
Venus [3rd House] Venus 89 16' 26" Mithuna
Mars [7th House] Mars 200 20' 33" Tula
Jupiter [9th House] Jupiter 253 17' 26" Dhanu
Saturn [7th House] Saturn 196 4' 37" Tula
Rahu [2nd House] Rahu 40 50' 38" Vrishabha
Ketu [8th House] Ketu 220 50' 38" Vrischika
Ascendant [2nd House] Ascendant 37 11' 18" Vrishabha

So i am first only going into your first question and i will analyse other aspects in a much later post....
3 main planets in 7th house moon mars and saturn...
You have saturn in your 7th house this is a very slow planet its not in the right position when it comes to a marriage. But saturn is a planet which makes you seek for a lot of perfection in a spouse if you dont get what you truely want you wont go for it. You may marry more than once i feel. Since you have the tendacy to look for "perfection"

Marriage has to be for love you flirt a lot and would want to get the best for yourself..

Lets go to your next planet... Mars in 7th house.. Mars is a rough planet for this house it means you will quarel with your spouse very often and life will be hell for you...Like you you wont like someone who does accept your view point in short you might want to dominate. So trick is to keep your temper in check...

Moon in 7th house your like me i have a moon too but i have an ugly ketu with it so mine is trouble in marriage but you get very emotional if your hurt you are really hurt and would beat down the person who hurt you.. You need lots of sugary love pampering and good things of life...
So i see delays in marriage at the moment. Roughly will take post 35 for you to find a good spouse that suits you..

Regarding children which is usually 5th house there is no planet so next close one is 4th house which has a mercury you avoid too much travel. You would probably have kids when you have enough money and property?You look for stability before an expense. So mercury will have effect on the question of child by intuition one child is possible seeing the chart but i will do a further analysis post your feed back and other questions..
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