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Originally Posted by HappyTree View Post
No one in sight but another reader drew the same two cards too. I do have the tendency to run or pick fight to push the other away though so you're spot on here.

Empress, Two of wands
That he cares a lot about you and wants a solid partnership. You might think he's focused on his own agenda but when really he wants to couple up.

Is there any significance to my encounter with them today?
Thanks for the FB HT...makes me feel a bit more confident about my readings...wishing you good luck with love

Ace of Swords, 10 of Wands
The significance was to show you how things really are for them, to show you the truth of their condition somehow...did they look tired or bogged down somehow??. It was just to give you a reality check in some way (if that makes sense) about this person and also that perhaps they are looking to put the past behind and move on.

Q> Is he consciously pulling back from me now and if so why (one card for each part maybe)
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