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Originally Posted by mahafrins View Post
No particular issue in marriage or romance you will get married at the right time you have no bad or good planet in the 7th house so you will get married when you have to...No evil position of venus from point of view of partnerships so thats good...

You have venus in the 3rd house which symbolises communication...

You are very artistic person and you can be very immaginative... Lots of travel venus is in libra thats a good place you know... You love conversations and your mind moves very quickly... and if someone is not talking to you properly you wont be happy...
I thought it would show some problems in this area, I've been having some issues with an ex-bf, maybe it means that I am not the problem.

Originally Posted by mahafrins View Post
You have a very nice chart its decent.. like everything you want will come to you when you have to..

my worry is 12th house ketu you might have many legal issues...

Are you a witch or can you do good white/ black magic.. that could be your in born talent..

You are naturally spiritual..... and you could be a healer too...
2nd house of mars inidicates that you are very agressive in money matters and business you come from a good back ground i feel... you have family money or somehow there is wealth..
any other questions?
I work as a translator but I've been a caregiver for family members for the past 15 years. Business background might relate to my father, he is very good with it, everything he starts, becomes successful.

I've been practcing meditation and grounding for the past year and it has really changed me in many ways.
I'm not a witch and I haven't tried anything related to white/black magic except this one time at the end of April of this year on a New Moon I did a white magic love "cleasing" ritual.

Thank you very much mahafrins.
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