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[QUOTE=mahafrins;5043382]Planets Symbols Positions Rasi
Sun [9th House] Sun 248 57' 43" Dhanu
Moon [4th House] Moon 95 33' 56" Karka
Mercury [9th House] Mercury 253 31' 28" Dhanu
Venus [9th House] Venus 240 48' 36" Dhanu
Mars [9th House] Mars 246 22' 26" Dhanu
Jupiter [10th House] Jupiter 285 27' 50" Makara
Saturn [10th House] Saturn 275 29' 27" Makara
Rahu [4th House] Rahu 117 5' 34" Karka
Ketu [10th House] Ketu 297 5' 34" Makara
Ascendant [11th House] Ascendant 313 47' 41" Kumbha
Thankyou for the aspects

You have a distinct Rahu in 4th house with a moon did you have a problem with communicating with your parents. Did you have problems finding a home or moving homes often ? you have faced many challenging times already... you seem quite a wanderer.. You have issues with your mother?
Yep, your interpretation is very apt! I have had 3 sets of parents before I was 11, and communication was limited, both by time with them and my young age at the time. I am a very non-verbal person, but I do like to write to express myself, I tend to use images better to get my point across.
It is possible then to see the tie-in with 'mother issues' as well. It has taken some time and deep contemplation but there is now a level of peace around these issues.
I am the gypsy indeed! So many moves. During the years following 2005, I have been very stable regarding home and placement, but I do like to travel when I can.
Those challenging times I have experienced during my earlier life have settled somewhat and I am very conscious and grateful for the experiences - I couldnt have learnt & grown any other way

are you very tensed often then that may be cause of some sicknesses like diabetes...
That's very interesting. I've never been tested for diabetes, but I do suffer from anxiety bouts sometimes (maybe a year apart) when my food intake is really poor quality - like living cheap on chips and pizza I will take this seriously and when I see the doctor next I will get a test. I'll let you know if anything shows up.

I dont see any planet directly affecting marriage so marriage will happen on its own when it has to without issues...
Never married, and never really been interested to marry. Was engaged a few times but decided not to go ahead with it - so I think the lack of planets reflect that very well.

Your life revolves around the 9th and 10 th house of your chart i.e spirituality and career.
Yes, and these are the two things which are like life projects. They are the things which fill and define my life style and life focus. Probably also shows in these houses why marriage wasnt something I could devote myself to. Career and Spirituality were the commitment.

Sun mercury mars and venus in the 9th house
You are very good at expressing yourself you know how to put yourself forward its like you know the right window display
I like to explore opportunities, even if I might think I don't fit the mould I will still have a go and have a say. Things work out when I put myself in this position - well, most of the time

You have many many rich qualities you are so virtuous and instinctive its not even funny..
This is nice to hear as I do try. I don't always succeed and am not always right but,... I do try - LOL!!!

If you have passion for something you will just run for it..
Yes, after much deliberation I will throw myself at it.

You love adventure sports and a challenge something monotonous will make you bored ... You need to get out there and do your thing.
Yes, I don't stand still for too long. I know I can have a phase of being lazy and detached and instead of using the time to recharge and become inspired, I stress about feeling lazy and uninspired Being bored drives me nuts.

You have a literal man inside you with this planet.... and you can do anything you want very strong in will and you can get what your mind says...
This masculine energy could be the reason then I am very mechanically minded and can be found building or designing, landscaping or fixing, inventing and improvising. I was a mechanic once. There are other things, especially business related, that this energy seems to come into play as well. It amkes sense.

jupiter and ketu in 10th house of career

Your a natural with occultism... blessed with intuition... You are spirutual seeing all your planets in 9th and 10 th house..
I spend a lot of energy in these areas (gladly) and I feel comfortable dealing with them and immersing myself in learning about them. These things are solid elements in my life.

But jupiter a good planet to give you what you want will opposed by an ugly Ketu.. it will cause career delays or success after many years of perseverance
Yes, Ive realized that being frustrated and impatient doesnt help. I have learnt that Im the tortoise and I plot along to my goal. Often taking years to span what sometimes I see others achieving in half the time. I have learnt to enjoy the journey and trust the process and now after many cycles of this sort, I know the end result will be all good and sucessful.

You loose interest in things easily and keep trying new things very restless i may say..
I notice this too - This would probably also be associated with the boredom you mentioned, and it tends to come into play when I am stagnating instead of trying to go to the next level and I havent quite sorted out all the details of how to get from A-B. I will tend to keep dipping my toe in the water over and over again to see how interested I am. Even that gets uninteresting at times I can add though, once the home life was settled (2005) I was happy to try new things in one realm of interest instead of being so scattered with trying to keep my mind occupied. Ive been able to keep focused for longer periods of time on one interest.

Your very ethical and know how to get things done.. You would be a good teacher or a master who trains others in something...
I do like to teach, and I like to be taught and find education fascinating both as a teacher/mentor and as a student. In film work I am a 1st AD - I set the schedule and work the set so that the film gets made and comes in at budget. Its one of my passions. It fits in with this as well.

Ketu scares me have you seen any loss of persons in your family... or friends your jupiter is in a nice house but with ketu you have some loss of persons who you value... let me know... what you may have lost...
Yes, if we refer to the early years, there were the many losses of parent/ parent figures through death. The domino effect of that is the loss of stability and friends. I think it may also point to permanent seperations of family through upheaval. Do you think that is also a relevant perspective with Ketu?

Any other questions do let me know...
Thankyou for the interpretation - I havent had any vedic astrology done, and I found your reading very good. I am not an astrolger, so I very much appreciate your skill and your time to look at my chart and give me your impressions from what you found.
That was great!!
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