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Originally Posted by mahafrins View Post
Planets Symbols Positions Rasi
Sun [6th House] Sun 151 26' 59" Kanya
Moon [11th House] Moon 328 48' 37" Kumbha
Mercury [6th House] Mercury 170 26' 28" Kanya
Venus [5th House] Venus 124 18' 14" Simha
Mars [8th House] Mars 222 10' 18" Vrischika
Jupiter [5th House] Jupiter 120 50' 18" Simha
Saturn [12th House] Saturn 346 43' 22" Meena
Rahu [1st House] Rahu 6 7' 18" Mesha
Ketu [7th House] Ketu 186 7' 18" Tula
Ascendant [5th House] Ascendant 146 10' 22" Simha

So business is in the 8th house which is represented by Mars with scorpio Mars is very good in business and money you should do very welll..
That's great news.

But you need to be careful and not act in hast your problems would be if you think too quickly..

Try your best to control your temper you have a very clear horoscope with less conjunctions thats very good in my view.. and i see lots of success.. let me see your money house..
This part struck me as I am detail orientated and most often work out things very slowly and methodically. When you mentioned thinking quickly or hastily and watching my temper together, it nailed what I've been like more recently in my personal life. Which makes me wonder if there is anything in my chart that addresses this specifically in more ways? Or am I just a little "hot headed" these days since it has been causing friction at home.

2nd house is finance but no planet there so ill check 10th no planet there too so next is 11th which is where moon is you have a very good vision for things and you aim very high..

I do feel you have good business acumen and would certainly succeed in the chosen avocation let me know...
Wonderful news! I love being more behind the scene's in anything business related so putting myself out there is a scary thing for me. Is it typical to have no planets appear in many areas of someone's chart?

any other questions..
If there is anything that may help clarify my temper (see above), it would be wonderful.

Thank you mahafrins.
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