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Originally Posted by sweetcherise13 View Post
That's great news.

This part struck me as I am detail orientated and most often work out things very slowly and methodically. When you mentioned thinking quickly or hastily and watching my temper together, it nailed what I've been like more recently in my personal life. Which makes me wonder if there is anything in my chart that addresses this specifically in more ways? Or am I just a little "hot headed" these days since it has been causing friction at home.

Wonderful news! I love being more behind the scene's in anything business related so putting myself out there is a scary thing for me. Is it typical to have no planets appear in many areas of someone's chart?

If there is anything that may help clarify my temper (see above), it would be wonderful.

Thank you mahafrins.
Your 8th house person who has a mars ur a "Manglik" and your an aqarius moon..

A manglik is usually very got headed.... So your born with hot headed persona... its hard to control temper...

I am still learning no planet in a house is good if there is no malefic planet around...

i think 5th house of venus in leo is a bit odd are you in a creative job... maybe your so self invovled sometimes your person may fight your attention .. You will meet someone in a fun atmosphere you need fun in relationships... PAssion is important and use your creativity..

thank you for sitting...

Your western chart may show something totally different...
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