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Originally posted by merri

I was also thinking about how it wouldn't always be appropriate to read interpretation A. on a one card reading ..but would depend on the way the question had been phrased. If I asked what the problem was with regards to an issue ..or what the issue itself was ..then yes, I'd read A. But If I was aware of the problem and was asking the best way to resolve it, wouldn't it make more sense just to go right to interpretation B ? ..and if I wanted to know what helpful qualities I could bring to the situation ..then yes, I'd go straight to C. even though the book says never to be tempted to do that What do other people think on this one?

sounds good here. if you are aware of the problem, in a way you've already read A, so going to B makes sense. in the case of looking for helpful qualities, i think i might draw at least two cards and interprete the last one under C. if youknew what qualities you were bringing then, yes, i'd go straight to C with one card.


1. The shadow / issues causing conflict (personal moon sign e.g. moon in Virgo ..servitor) - interpretation A. in the lwb
2. The resolution of the conflict of opposites (personal ascendant / rising sign e.g. Pisces ..the angel) - interpretation B ?
3. The persona / helpful qualities & attributes (personal sun sign e.g. Gemini ...the mediator) interpretation - C.
4. Harmonising advice card ( made from building a triad with cards 1+2 e.g. Virgo & Pisces ..Deception) - interpretation B.
5. Harmonising advice card (made from building a triad with cards 2+3 e.g. Pisces & Gemini ..Silence) - interpretation B.
6. Integration/outcome (made from building a triad with cards 1+3 personal moon/sun sign archetypes e.g. Virgo & Gemini) - interpretation C.

I just inserted my own personal signs as examples ..note that both triads (harmonising advice cards; 4+5 ) arise out of a combination made with the resolution/ascendant card.

card 6 here is meant to bring the whole reading full circle and is read as the outcome of the integration process at interpretation level C.

Any thoughts on this spread? .. [/B]

It sounds absolute awesome. thanks merri, i'll have to play with this one for a while...

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