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Originally Posted by sweetcherise13 View Post
Thank you for clarifying where my "hot headedness" may come from.
When you mentioned needing passion and my significant other fighting for attention it helped me realize that my temper tends to flare up when I'm bored or feel stagnet. My hubby is a Leo but an amazingly calm and quiet one. He does have to point out at times, in a very subtle way, that he feels like he is usually interrupting me when he speaks to me. I'm working on not being too absorbed in something most of the time, but on the other hand, what tends to fill up my time is helping family and friends.

Yes, my current job would be considered creative as a plant merchandiser but I'm looking to change jobs into something that can be more helpful in a spiritual way to others.

Thank you again. This was very informative and helpful.
So if he is Leo he will have what is called a 'Rasi ka mangal' so u guys will be compatible then.. thanks for sitting.
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