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Originally Posted by headincloud View Post
Thanks for your response and the link, you too seem to be tweaking base knowledge. If a pack leads you to different and non-standard interpretations would those overlap with standard interpretations to be applied to other packs or are they just pinned on a particular deck exclusively?
Well, in the words of Prof. Dumbledore; "Yes ... and no."

It really depends on how far "out there" a new interpretation might be. For the most part, when I get some new insight on a given card, I will note it down in my journal. If it is a significantly different interpretation, but one that I think might be relevant to my future studies of the card, I'll make note of the interpretation as well as when I did the reading that spawned it. This way I can also go back and look at the context (if I made notes of the reading). If it's a tweak of the conventional meanings or adds some nuance, I'll just make a quick note.

However, if it's something that was a message brought specifically for that person say, from their own spirit guides or some ancestor spirit, then no I usually don't make note of it, except in notes I might have of the specific reading. That's because it is only really relevant to that reading for that person at that time.

So, for example, I added a note to my page on Strength some time back; "Gaining understanding of, and overcoming one's painful experiences which are the roots of one's 'negative' emotions." It was just a tweak that occurred to me on a reading, I think with the Röhrig Tarot. But I also remember a reading I gave several years ago where my guides brought a message for the person from a great-grandmother (I think that was the realationship - female spirit anyway) - I don't remember the specific message anymore, but that didn't go into my card journal as it would not be relevant to anything else.

Most of the time, when I'm using decks other than the "standard" RWS or Thoth, the images tend to just lead me to certain aspects of the usual meanings. It's a little hard to explain I guess.
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