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Hi bluelagune. I just read your post and felt I had to reply. I too have been having dreams of being at a university of some sort. I have had 2 of those dreams to date but not the tarot reading in them. The first dream I had, I knew I was in a college or place of higher learning with my 2 aunts. However, I was the only one who signed up to be in the play "The Lion King". My aunts did not. I also felt the university was not here, as in this plane of existence.

Since the first dream of me signing up to be in the production of the play, I have had many informative dreams. The dream you had regarding the university and the tarot reading relates back to another post you did on a dream where you had 4 men standing around your diaries. That's all I know for sure. If you think back to that dream you may be able to piece together more info. If you still don't make a connection, don't fret as they will make sense in time.

Interesting that you used the word "University". I said college. But university could be just that. Something that may be universally happening to you. Just an interesting thought. I thought I'd also mention a dream I had a few months back on a single tarot card only, which was the 4 of wands. Seems like the number 4 plays a part in all of this. I have no clue what this was suppose to represent. However, I often see 11:11, which is four when added together.
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