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Originally Posted by Indygoflame View Post
Hi bluelagune. I just read your post and felt I had to reply. I too have been having dreams of being at a university of some sort. I have had 2 of those dreams to date but not the tarot reading in them. The first dream I had, I knew I was in a college or place of higher learning with my 2 aunts. However, I was the only one who signed up to be in the play "The Lion King". My aunts did not. I also felt the university was not here, as in this plane of existence.

Since the first dream of me signing up to be in the production of the play, I have had many informative dreams. The dream you had regarding the university and the tarot reading relates back to another post you did on a dream where you had 4 men standing around your diaries. That's all I know for sure. If you think back to that dream you may be able to piece together more info. If you still don't make a connection, don't fret as they will make sense in time.

Interesting that you used the word "University". I said college. But university could be just that. Something that may be universally happening to you. Just an interesting thought. I thought I'd also mention a dream I had a few months back on a single tarot card only, which was the 4 of wands. Seems like the number 4 plays a part in all of this. I have no clue what this was suppose to represent. However, I often see 11:11, which is four when added together.
Thank you.
You are correct it had something to do with the 4 men trying to force me to make a decision. I have a severe case of discernment so no matter what set up is in front of me, my alarm bells go off. So I did find out what the above dream was about and university means learning experience of how one presents oneself because other people judge us based on how we act and what we do. It is unfortunate but it is reality. So the details are: a man who I've known for sometime has shown interest in me. The problem is that he is married and I'm not attracted to him and i'm in love with someone else. BUT all his attempts were public and for some reason he needed me to pursue him when he pulled away. I didn't. Although the queen of wands of me likes the whole flirting thing but the queen of cups was the one who took over! and the star was innocence and distance! I basically provided this guy a cold shoulder. The end
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