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Hi bluelagune. That is so interesting that you made the connection to the tarot reading in your dream. I always felt I had 4 spiritual sentinels protecting me. However, I was involved with someone who I did not heed my instinctual discernment. To the say the least he just cut me off cold turkey. Similar to you, I felt he wanted me to chase him. Whenever I talked about him to people I never used his name. Just referred to him by the city he lived in.

The other day while driving, I came to a stop sign and realized the cross street was the name of the city I would refer to him by. At the same time, the song I just called to say I love you by Stevie wonder was playing. He is alive from what i can tell. Wonder if he was thinking of me at that moment. I can't see why that would be a coincidence more than a synchronicity.
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