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Originally Posted by Indygoflame View Post
Hi bluelagune. That is so interesting that you made the connection to the tarot reading in your dream. I always felt I had 4 spiritual sentinels protecting me. However, I was involved with someone who I did not heed my instinctual discernment. To the say the least he just cut me off cold turkey. Similar to you, I felt he wanted me to chase him. Whenever I talked about him to people I never used his name. Just referred to him by the city he lived in.
Sorry to hear that dear. There will be other lovers ahead on your journey. As to sentinels, I'm not sure... per earlier dream, these men were not nice to me so I very much doubt it's a protection.

Originally Posted by Indygoflame View Post
The other day while driving, I came to a stop sign and realized the cross street was the name of the city I would refer to him by. At the same time, the song I just called to say I love you by Stevie wonder was playing. He is alive from what i can tell. Wonder if he was thinking of me at that moment. I can't see why that would be a coincidence more than a synchronicity.
I think G6 just posted this type of thread, maybe someone had similar experiences/signes as you.
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