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Originally Posted by anniessy View Post
Hi I would like to try,
September, 1st 1978
Brasil, são Paulo


Can you tell me about work and a little about my love affair?

Thank you very much =)!!
Planets Symbols Positions Rasi
Sun [5th House] Sun 135° 26' 46" Simha
Moon [5th House] Moon 125° 53' 1" Simha
Mercury [4th House] Mercury 117° 58' 38" Karka
Venus [7th House] Venus 181° 28' 39" Tula
Mars [6th House] Mars 174° 30' 7" Kanya
Jupiter [4th House] Jupiter 95° 45' 21" Karka
Saturn [5th House] Saturn 131° 4' 36" Simha
Rahu [6th House] Rahu 154° 5' 3" Kanya
Ketu [12th House] Ketu 334° 5' 3" Meena
Ascendant [10th House] Ascendant 299° 15' 55" Makara

so i will go with romance first you have a venus in 7th house which is very very good you will fall crazily in love and will have a good married life early marriage is what i get but if your not married still you will meet someone you like.... and it would be a good marriage.. Stars are good for a partnership you make a good partner...

Now work and career is represented by the 8th and 10 th house

No planets in the 8th house and your ascendents in the 10th your ascendent is mercury as per my calculation

Its a very good star for success in your career.. You are a writer? Something creative and eloquent...Anything to do with communications.

You have a good professional life you know.. Since i see good commuincation or PR in oyur chart let me see your house of creativity 5th house...

You have a moon and a sun there so your will is most important to achieve success..You have to keep your emotions in check...Lots of determination could take you a long way..

Also chances of children will reduce... you may not have kids? IF you have it maybe a daughter who might be sick...

Let me know if you have any further questions...
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