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Originally Posted by DarknessWar View Post
Hey I'd love to sit!! My question is in regards to love. (i've been single all my life and I've had zero luck.)

DOB: 24th February 1996
Hackney, London
time: 3:00am ( Devil's hour or some say.)

Planets Symbols Positions Rasi
Sun [11th House] Sun 310 59' 1" Kumbha
Moon [1st House] Moon 16 51' 36" Mesha
Mercury [10th House] Mercury 287 37' 43" Makara
Venus [12th House] Venus 353 45' 29" Meena
Mars [11th House] Mars 313 1' 15" Kumbha
Jupiter [9th House] Jupiter 256 55' 34" Dhanu
Saturn [12th House] Saturn 330 53' 34" Meena
Rahu [6th House] Rahu 175 46' 8" Kanya
Ketu [12th House] Ketu 355 46' 8" Meena
Ascendant [8th House] Ascendant 233 29' 31" Vrischika

you dont have planets in the 7th house which means it will happen when it has to happen and may never happen as well but it will be a pure romantic love marriage.. There is no 5th house planet too so i cant say how many kids you will have ....Your whole life revolves around the 11th and 12th house....
Your 11th house has sun and mars

You are very sexual and sex makes your life happy as mars helps you get attracted to many.... Sex over phone etc indicated.... You like to compete with persons to get ahead ....
Lots of potential of hard work and doing well in career...

12th house is sacrifice house you might be tremendously detached and you could be spiritual and mystical.. You cant stand being around people all the time you just prefer being alone sometimes problems with someone else life also you wont be affected by...

Your second half life post 30 will be far better generally..
If wrong happens you isolate yourself so the trick is do lots of meditation to get rid of insecurities and to deal with your life...

Let me know if you have any other questions..
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