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Originally Posted by intuitivetarot View Post
Hi, I just messaged my details. I felt weird posting my personal info on a public forum. I can understand why a lot of people feel ok doing it; they feel more confident with a screen name. But I feel comfortable posting only on selected forums, such as for tarot inquiries, with the security of a screen name. And even then, leaving out names of people and places. I hope you can understand and would respect my privacy.

I've never read my vedic chart before, let alone anyone else's, so I'm really looking forward to your reading post!

Planets Symbols Positions Rasi
Sun [12th House] Sun 351 8' 17" Meena
Moon [8th House] Moon 238 12' 45" Vrischika
Mercury [1st House] Mercury 5 16' 41" Mesha
Venus [1st House] Venus 26 59' 15" Mesha
Mars [3rd House] Mars 67 23' 46" Mithuna
Jupiter [4th House] Jupiter 99 51' 50" Karka
Saturn [10th House] Saturn 281 42' 11" Makara
Rahu [10th House] Rahu 270 24' 46" Makara
Ketu [4th House] Ketu 90 24' 46" Karka
Ascendant [2nd House] Ascendant 46 19' 18" Vrishabha

Regarding your question i understand your reading focus is career and business keeping your start up in mind?

your chart is very different from the various other charts ive read so far so its a very good learning experience for me..
Lets start with who you are which is venus and mercury in the 1st house..
So first house is your person who you are as a person which will influence your entire reading... you may not always have planets in the 1st house...

You are an attractive personality and you attract people very easily you ooze with confidence... You are very attractive? Like pretty person.. You make your appearance a big thing of importance.... Your very good personality...You can work for other person you can attract people very fast which will help you in all your endevours including your start up..
Are you an animal lover do let me know.... you enjoy good companions.. You have a strong mind...

Your ascendent is in the 2nd house you are just too preservative and cautious here while you are with a good persona you have too much self respect. No wonder you found it odd to put your DOB and time and place here... its a part of your nature.. I feel your not good at networking per se for any business your ability to socialise is very poor...but that is also defined by your 3rd house...
Which i feel you need to be soft as you communicate else people will misunderstand you.. You seem good at debating etc like you really know to put your point accross fear is of getting aggressive...You might want to do things your way but maybe its going to be hard to work out only cause the ideas are very aggressive...and also you work alone on it..

You must be wanting to lead the family and your siblings thats how you are..

your house which represents business is the 8th house... but there i have moon which is very emotional and volatile like you might have this idea will become crazy about it and will make yourself mad and then you will want to move of the idea for good...
Have you thought of healing? This venture needs a healing touch you have the healing touch..Yoga instruction would have suited you.... if you were interested think from a health perspective. Do you have a problem with your mother? Like you dont get on with her?

Saturn and Rahu in 10th house...

Even here i have read you will rebel your parents... Be careful doing business with lesser financial investment... your more suited for a job...

If you are hindu do the Hanuman chalisa it will help you in this ..

Saturn + Rahu mean "Vish Yog" so you will have tremendous obstacles... when you persue this but remember if your will is strong you can outwit your stars..

if you have any further questions please let me know...
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