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Originally Posted by HearthCricket View Post
These altars are all so gorgeous and unique! I love threads like this. It is always inspiring to see what people bring to their altars, or what finds their way to one's altar and how they evolve as we do.

I have several "altars" or "sacred spaces" around my house. The living room is where I have the seasonal one which gets changed up for each sabbat. Most of the time it is located on a round table right next to the hearth, which is where much of my magical work is done. The rest, if inside, is in the dining room. That is where we move the table in November-January to make room for our huge fake Christmas tree. So the Yule Altar is usually in the dining room. Right now it is decorated for Litha/Summer Solstice!

Also in our dining room is a multi-cultural altar with heavy emphasis on Christianity. Icons, statues, icons above it on the wall, but you cannot see them in this photo. Statues get moved around a lot here in my home depending on mood or season!

I also have a personal altar upstairs in the bedroom. It is on top of a bureau I bought years ago to store my tarot collection, so a very appropriate and meaningful place to put it.

Recently I got back into gaming and have been doing a fun study into Pop Culture Witchcraft, so created a Gaming Altar in our den. I collect dice, so a nice place to charge up or display special dice. It actually is 4 levels, but you can see some of it in the photo below.
I loved all those altars, although never thought of a gaming one.
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