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Originally Posted by Bscotty38 View Post
I picked up 3 older decks at a flea market today. The Hanson Roberts, Voyager Tarot and the Wheel of Change. All for 12 dollars! I was wondering if any of you have a special method of clearing used decks. Usually I just reorder the cards, knock on it and say a prayer or blessing. Am I just being superstitious? Is it even necessary? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer.
I don't tend to do this as any used decks I've brought have always had good energy luckily-and one seems more accurate for having had abit of a warm up by someone else! So I don't think its necessary.
I do sometimes smudge my decks if I feel they've been working hard like if I've been going through a tough time,or if one seems to have lost abit of accuracy.

Ah the dreaded magpie,if you bow you're head and whisper 'Good morning mr magpie' its supposed to avert any coming bad luck.
I am quite superstitious really-shoes can't go on tables,ladders are walked around,black cats in my path are welcomed.
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