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Originally Posted by intuitivetarot View Post
Hang on, I'm confused. :/ I don't understand why Mercury and Venus were read in terms of my personality. Same with the other placement interpretations. I know that main personality traits are attributed to the 1st house. But that doesn't mean that the 1st house is always attributed to Mesha. The Ascendant changes every 2-2 1/2 hours, and the houses along with it. If Mesha were my actual 1st house, then I would be a Mesha Ascendant. But I'm not. Mesha is not my 1st house because Mesha is not my Ascendant. Vrishabha is my 1st house because Vrishabha is my Ascendant. It follows that Mesha is my 12th house and my personality is contrived from Vrishabha.

This would make sense because it's not all about appearances for me. I like to look put together, but I frankly feel lazy to. I also care more about avoiding the dangerous ingredients of makeup than risking my life and health to "look good". I'm not a horrendous looking individual, so I have less flaws to cover up anyway.

Anyway, I appreciate the time you took to write everything up, which is why I feel bad about pointing out the lack of clarity. But you did technically ask posters to draw upon our knowledge/personal info to give you constructive feedback. I hope it will help you improve your reading experience.
Vrishabh is yout ascendent..correct... but 1st house as per chart cast shows mercury and venus there which in my knowledge is very good....So may be your not necessarily dressy but your image conscious i could always be wrong.....and even when i am right reality is not what the chart as you can see a sitter before you has as superb venus in 7th house which means luck in love but in reality things are not as good as the chart...
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