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Originally Posted by Shibiusa View Post
Can I send you through PM? I'm quite interested in knowing your input. I've heard of vedic astrology, but I never got in touch with it.

Edit: Sent you the information needed
Planets Symbols Positions Rasi
Sun [1st House] Sun 28 47' 5" Mesha
Moon [9th House] Moon 249 36' 21" Dhanu
Mercury [1st House] Mercury 14 40' 2" Mesha
Venus [12th House] Venus 346 51' 55" Meena
Mars [11th House] Mars 323 9' 22" Kumbha
Jupiter [3rd House] Jupiter 75 27' 4" Mithuna
Saturn [10th House] Saturn 271 33' 25" Makara
Rahu [10th House] Rahu 287 43' 13" Makara
Ketu [4th House] Ketu 107 43' 13" Karka
Ascendant [5th House] Ascendant 130 36' 39" Simha

Sun and mercury in 1st house you have very very good skin.. Like light and pretty skin.... You are good at literature... Are you working for the government... Your goood for paper work at a government job....

You usually become very famous in what you do... Like you are like a public figure and you are looked upto? Very popular.... on account of knowledge... You have early mature and may be very talkative...

You have a jupiter in the 3rd house something i have not read so far it means your very curious.... You are capable of so many things...Your a fast learner and may be like a child prodigy good at studies??

Ketu in the 4th house... You have health issues??? Very bad planet which affects health...Your spiritually inclined too...Do you have problems with your mother??? Maybe you dont get on with your mum ? Or she didnt care for you.. or you never understood her...
You travel a lot your never in one place keep changing homes or too much movement?

Your house of intrigue is the 10th house it has saturn and rahu "Vish yog" the reader before you have this same star and its not too or career will be slow tremendous career obstacles and will make success slow and late.. Dont be too adventurous with the work you do especially if its a business ..otherwise still you have problems or may get into many while doing a job or making money..

Mars in 11th house is to do with your hopes and wishes and your goal and your society...

You have so strong goals and with this planet you will achieve it.. again if you became a politician you will get there maybe you would be the President/ PM of your country...

You will make a strong leader... You could become a business partner.... And you can control people.... thats atleast in your planets... You can manage company or be off seniority somewhere...
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