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Steampunk Tarot - Moore

Originally Posted by Le Fanu View Post
yes it's flimsy - but if you really like a deck, I guess you can overlook that. I do this with the Modern Spellcaster's - it's flimsy but I just use it delicately once every couple of months...

Cons for me are the pages - nope - they don't work for me. Boyish girls. I'd rather it be one or the other. Plus the theme is a bit dated now, isn't it?

And it isn't really as opulently mechanical as one would expect. If you like Steampunk, you need lots of brass and cogs and mahogany. This is a sort of cut price Steampunk. Sort of Steampunk on a budget.
I do like the imagery, so I'm debating if I like the imagery enough to deal with crap cardstock.

The pages don't bother me, but if they wanted to mix it up I'd rather the pages are guys and the knights are girls.

I don't like the imagery in the other steampunk decks.
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