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Originally Posted by mahafrins View Post
Sun [10th House]Sun275 15' 22"Makara
Moon [4th House]Moon114 20' 5"Karka
Mercury [9th House]Mercury254 2' 36"Dhanu
Venus [9th House]Venus254 51' 50"Dhanu
Mars [6th House]Mars154 4' 35"Kanya
Jupiter [1st House]Jupiter22 51' 37"Mesha
Saturn [11th House]Saturn309 42' 39"Kumbha
Rahu [2nd House]Rahu57 39' 26"Vrishabha
Ketu [8th House]Ketu237 39' 26"Vrischika
Ascendant [4th House]Ascendant98 4' 19"Karka

So you have jupiter in your 1st house thats a good thing you have a good image in society... You have a thirst for learning so any thing investigative will work for you... You might be attractive or see to it that you are center of atttraction..
I keep my body in shape. I've always been athletic. But I'm not always looking to be center of attention. Before 35 I was like that. I love to learn new things. I love learning. I don't know how the investigative fits in, perhaps in my need to understand channeling energy. But I am master at my craft.
The point of intrigue is rahu in the 2nd house... This is the 1st time Rahu has been in the 2nd house my own rahu is in the 1st which is bad and good in its own way...
You want to achieve things immediately.. You try to be who you are not... If you dont have recognition in the 1st house you wont get much wealth from the family .... You just have to get what you want at all costs..Post 35 your luck in money is better..Financial hardship could be there...? Difficult saving money but you will have a long life is what i get...
Why is Rahu bad in 2nd? Before 35 I yearned for success. Then one day it didn't matter anymore. When I want something I go for it but not at the cost of hurting others. After 30 finances were better but I've always had money in waves. Funny about wealth from family. My inheritance was stolen from me by a family member. I don't really care about saving. Something always happens to drop money to me.
You have the ascendent and the moon in 4th house feel like you are very vulnerable and need help of the family very badly..Your mother may have made you look odd.. Its weird the person here is suited for family business but the rahu in 2nd house feels like you would ruin family business.. Are you mummy driven??? or were both mum and dad in one person...? You have strong psychic abilities... You have a business mind instead of employment and business suits you best does it?????
I am not mummy driven. I do not feel vulnerable but maybe I was when little and can't remember. I left my home country very young for study. Relationship with my mum has always been difficult. My dad died before I was 14. I had a business with my ex husband. It was very successful. Then I got tired of it and moved country again. Since I was very young I see lights on people, animals and plants. Ghosts, light beings. I'm beginning to channel an angel named Kaia.
Ketu in 8 th house gives you tons of obstacles in business and relations especially till 35 years.. Do you have health issues? This is just not a nice place for this planet...
Health is good. After 28 business relations became better now at 52 very good.
So your important house in the 9 th house... you will travel for education i see lots of travel.. You will be some sort of preacher. philosopher writer teacher..You like to explore new things you are fairly restless minded... Do you drink a lot by any chance?? let me know..Learning study writing making a thesis all is very important to you... Let me know your thoughts..
Drinking, Yes. I did exaggerate and learned how to control myself. Writing has always been important. I've been told by other psychics that I will do public speaking and channel this angel that has been with me since I can remember. I have lived in 3 countries and travel all the time.
A lot of what you saw is very good until my age 40. Now Life is stable lots of travel. I


Any questions..?
Can you tell me when public speaking will start? This might be what you see as preacher.---

You could do that tarot reading you said keeping romance as a focus..single currently had a bad break up dating new men but cant love anymore..

I don't know how to do multiple quotes. I made notes in your post above.

I will do your reading in the next few days. I want to make a good time when I can channel. Thank you so very much. I will send The reading be PM with picture.[emoji847]
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