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A few months ago I purchased a moldavite ring. Shortly thereafter, I began having strange sensations and dreams. The knowledge that came through was crystal clear for me. (Pun intended). I have been wearing a quartz crystal pendant for years. After having sought out its commision to be made with gold, the person gave it to me for free! Crazy right. Years ago, I purchased a rose quartz pendant and a few months later I was pregnant. The same shop where I purchased the moldavite ring, the lady gave me a piece of black tektite. For me that was a telepathy stone. If I held the black tektite and pictured someone in my mind, I would hear from them in a week. I gave some to my friends to have them test it as well witj great results. Black tektite is relatively inexpensive, yet effective. Only draw back is once that link is established between two people using black tektite, its very hard to close it. I also worked with a clear topaz ring which was awesome at manifestation. However, when working with clear topaz you have to be careful of your thoughts and not manifesting any negative thoughts which can lead to unwanted situations. Right now I only wear my clear quartz and moldavite ring and they work very well for me. I sometimes will throw in tigers eye into the mix for enhaced 3rd eye visions. I should note that I'm a jewelry addict to begin with. Lol. But if you can, try playing with black tektite as its not very expensive and yields fast results. The shop where i purchased the ring seems normal by all accounts. However, I felt that the owner and staff may be witches and not in a bad way. I just never had the courage to ask them outright. The moldavite ring was very strong at first and I felt buzzing and light headed for awhile after its purchase. I do feel that out of all the stones, this particular one has blasted my third eye wide open.
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