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Originally Posted by Morwenna View Post
I'm going to have to get that book. ^

I don't read predictively for myself; I do read about current issues or states of mind. I sort of treat it like astrology. Psychological readings are sometimes very informative.
Very. They can really help us live our best lives.

Like when we keep on doing things that sabotage our best efforts to achieve a goal, reaings in why this is happening and how to turn it off (stop doing it) can really help us live our best lives.

Instead of predictive readings asking what the future will be, I tend to prefer to ask the cards HOW to create the future I want. I much prefer the active approach to the future than the passive one. It's our life to create how we want it.

E.g. I prefer to ask the cards what steps I can take that will be the most likely to get me a promotion (and then to take them) than to just ask if I will get it

If I were starting out in a new relationship I'd much prefer to ask which qualities I'd need to embrace and what I need to know to make the relationship a truly loving one, than to just ask if the relationship will be a loving one.

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