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Originally Posted by headincloud View Post
I only use one deck along with the lovers tarot which consists of just the majors where base meanings are the same but with a relationship twist on them. For those of you who alternate decks I'm curious to know would different decks give you the same meanings/reading or would results be different with a different pack?
I have about 120 decks and I use them all. So LOTS of alternating. I don't use the same decks often. Although some are Oracles too.

My answer is that yes, any deck you use will give you the same meaning. In other words, if you ask any deck a question the deck will answer it. There is one answer out there that is the true correct answer to the question you asked. And that should come up no matter which deck you use.

BUT, each deck can talk differently and has a somewhat different voice. That means that they will lead you to the answer differently. It may even happen that in one deck you might get one card as the answer and in a very different deck a different card might come up. Yet both should lead you to the same place.

When you ask, whichever deck you use, the accurate answer will come and you will find truth and wisdom. But may take slightly different forms because of the deck's personality. But still truth should come.

As in imagine you had 3 different friends who all knew the answer to something you needed to know. If you asked each the same question, they may word things differently because of their different personalities, but the answer that you seek would be in essence end up being the same from each.

Although there is also the issue of the card images. Half of more of my meaning comes from the image itself intuitively. And each deck is artistically different. That means, for me that I need to be careful which deck I choose in a reading. I need to really SENSE before I start which deck is calling to me, so the artwork of the cards that come up will mesh well with the intended meaning.

Also I find that when I choose to COMBINE decks and ask them both the same question together in a reading, what happens I believe is that whatever sends the answers realizes what I am doing and that I am asking two decks simultaneously the same question. Then what happens is that the answers to the second deck pick up where the first left off and add on to the meaning. And all the cards in both decks work together to tell the complete story.

Those are my beliefs on that,

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