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Originally Posted by EvaSegovia View Post
Just want to add a postscript here: after the initial rubber band around my head/ear buzzing experience, I've been able to use the iolite/moldavite combination without any of these effects. At the same time, I also haven't experienced that beautiful experience of being "Home" either. Pity... But I'm wondering whether all those sensations had to do with the actual unblocking of my 3rd eye??? It's interesting because I do self-Reiki (1st degree only). And the brow and crown chakras have always felt really tight when I placed my hands over them. The brow chakra doesn't feel tight (well, maybe just a little) anymore, but the crown does. Thinking I'd like to do Herkimer/Moldavite on the crown. Need to get a Herkimer 1st.
This is interesting. Thank you for sharing your experience. Please, continue to. I still haven't done this yet, but still plan to--though it may be AFTER the move. I am feeling better right now--but just busy sadly.

I do have herkimers. I forget where you live --but IF you get the chance to go to Herkimer NY to mine for your own--do! Its a fun experience. Tiring and dirty work--but oh so exciting too! we went last year for my birthday and we both had such fun! I'll never forget this family of 2 young parents with 4 kids - all under the age of 7 or 8 we guess were there, and the oldest boy found a HUGE herkimer! It honestly was as big as his fist! There was a huge black substance in it--which is not unusual for herkimers, but it was gorgeous anyway. He came running up to me to show me and his parents were a bit taken aback that he did that--as I was a stranger. But, he was so excited and I was too for him and esp. at the size of it! What a great experience! Can't wait to go again one day.
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